The post trade processing environment is complex, with a wide range of systems and relationships that need to be continuously managed. C3’s formula for success is agility, innovation, and the flawless delivery of technology services for a common set of use cases.

As C3’s business grew, so did the load on the messaging infrastructure their system was built on. Over time it became clear that to scale that system they would need to upgrade their messaging infrastructure to a more powerful solution that offered better resilience, visibility and scalability.

Over time C3 had been upgrading their architecture to meet the demands of a growing customer base while maintaining agility and cost efficiencies. Existing components in their Microsoft technology stack, while great for initial stages of growing the system, couldn’t keep up as their business grew.

C3 recognized the value of microservices-oriented application design and event-driven architecture, and chose to replace their existing messaging service with PubSub+ Event Broker so they could leverage modern messaging patterns and implement event-driven architecture in the future.

C3 wanted to improve the availability of their system and their ability to recover from disasters by replicating messages across datacenters. They wanted a messaging layer that could be easily deployed, managed, and scaled, and that supported event-driven communications between old and new technologies, on-premises and in the cloud. They also wanted to achieve, and give their customers, a more complete, real-time view of data being processed, along with the health and performance of their system.


C3 replaced their messaging layer with PubSub+ Event Broker, and uses it to connect the numerous applications and services that make up their post trade settlement platform, enabling event-driven communications between old and new technologies.


C3 improved customer experience by gaining the ability to distribute workload across machines so they can process more data in parallel, which lets their system process trades more quickly.

They also improved the availability of their system and enabled replication of messages to a remote datacenter so they can quickly fail over to a second site for business continuity and disaster recovery.

C3 Post Trade helps hedge funds, asset managers and investment banks around the world more effectively conduct post trade processing so they can ensure the accuracy of all trades, and quickly address any errors.


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