Solace is the central nervous system of the trading infrastructure that our clients use to execute trades across a range of asset classes around the world. By efficiently routing all of the real-time data it takes to execute smart trades and manage risk, Solace helps us satisfy service level agreements, and maintain our competitive advantage delivering world-class trading services.”


Pico uses Solace PubSub+ appliances as the data distribution infrastructure within their Pico Quantitative Trading platform. PQT offers their solution as a managed service, complete with connectivity to the world’s leading exchanges and execution venues, market data feeds, integrated risk management, data analytics and more. After evaluating several messaging middleware technologies, Pico decided that Solace technology best met their requirements in the areas of performance and the continuous distribution of data across geographies for risk management and disaster recovery.


“With support for extremely high message throughput, WAN distribution capabilities and multi-site disaster recovery, Solace appliances meet all of our data distribution needs with a much smaller footprint than competitive solutions,” said Pico’s CTO Sonny Baillargeon. “That compact footprint and the fact that Solace appliances are remarkably easy to deploy and operate enables us to increase the capacity, functionality and geographic reach of our platform as we co-locate our systems in exchange datacenters.”