As the only speech analytics provider designed with an open architecture, VoiceBase has revolutionized the industry by using a consumption-based model to take prices down to a tenth of what they were at the time of their founding. Every month, VoiceBase processes millions of recordings that allow users to search from the web or their mobile device into the timeline of a recording and play the precise parts of phone calls, conference calls, webinars, educational lectures, podcasts, or videos. And their machine learning technology takes it all a step further by allowing a business, for example, to predict a caller’s intent based on tone, sentiment, and other factors.


VoiceBase initially used Amazon Simple Queue Service to orchestrate workflow, but operational challenges and growing event volumes made that approach unrealistic. They evaluated several software-based Java Message Service (JMS) alternatives, but realized that scaling JMS brokers to meet their needs would be complicated and expensive.

VoiceBase now uses Solace PubSub+ to intelligently route voice, video and text events through their system. The Solace infrastructure orchestrates the flow of events as VoiceBase’s processing cluster transcribes, indexes, summarizes, redacts and conducts predictive analytics on audio and video.


  • Massive Capacity: Prior to his discovery of Solace, VoiceBase’s Jeff Shukis always had problems at scale with queuing systems. His experience spelled bad news when looking at VoiceBase’s projected requirements: 2.7 billion minutes per month of run-rate. Shukis and his team built a prototype that simulated those loads by pushing that much data through the queuing system, and “Solace PubSub+ was the only enterprise service bus that worked, and it didn’t even break a sweat.”
  • Rock-solid Reliability: “The Solace boxes were slated for deployment in Virginia and someone had to do the install. So that was me… and I haven’t been back since. That was in 2014. It’s definitely required the least amount of management of any component in our architecture. We haven’t had to make any changes, fix anything, or change any of the configurations.”
  • World-class Support: “When I call Solace I get someone who, even at the ungodly hours I tend to call, says: “Alright, let me get online and help you, and they instantly help us. It’s definitely enterprise-grade product, enterprise-grade support, which has been fantastic.
VoiceBase is the world's premier API developer for speech analytics, with customers including Amazon, Twilio, Nasdaq and C-SPAN.

We built a prototype that simulated the kind of loads we expected to see a few years out: 2.7 billion minutes of audio per month. There was no way the other queuing systems we tried could hold up to that. PubSub+ was the only enterprise service bus that worked, and it didn’t even break a sweat.”

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