Connected car initiatives hinge on the efficient distribution of real-time events and information, and Solace is uniquely qualified to meet that need with the world’s most powerful, scalable event distribution mesh.

Today’s connected car initiatives are in their infancy. Battery limitations have led to services that connect only while the vehicle is on, while 3G/4G networks have limited the amount of data that can be sent between vehicles and back-end systems. Better batteries will let vehicles stay connected all the time, and faster 5G networks will allow the transmission of much more information. These technological advances and the increasingly sophisticated services they enable will drive need for powerful data distribution infrastructure.

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Solace PubSub+ - Connected Car Diagram

With Solace technology you can:

  • Establish “always on” connections with tens of millions of vehicles, each enabling two-way communications via diverse message exchange patterns.
  • Ensure great user experience by delivering information in real-time and guaranteeing the delivery of important messages to cars that are temporarily disconnected.
  • Securely send alerts and instructions to specific vehicles, or groups of vehicles, through the use of unique addresses/IDs and sophisticated topics.
  • Let all applications and vehicles send and receive data using their preferred API and protocol: AMQP/Qpid, JMS, MQTT/Paho, REST, WebSocket, etc.
  • Connect vehicles and applications across hybrid cloud systems (including Microsoft Azure) in private cloud, public cloud and on-premises environments.

Singapore Land Transport Authority

Solace has been selected as a key component of a Next-Generation Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) system being built for the Singapore LTA. As part of Singapore’s Next Generation ERP system, all vehicles will be equipped with an on-board device that leverages GPS to transmit real-time position, speed and more. Real-time alerts will notify drivers about congestion and suggest alternate routes.

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Scaling connected vehicle systems to ensure real-time communications with tens of millions of cars is hard. At the recent TU Automotive show in Detroit, Solace CTO Shawn McAllister discussed the main architectural and operational challenges, and explained how you can overcome them with well-architected event-driven publish/subscribe messaging.

Scaling connected vehicle systems

Connected Car Survey

In January 2018, we surveyed 1500 connected car drivers about their attitudes toward connected cars and their willingness to trust this emerging technology. While connected car drivers, are open to incorporating new technology into their driving experience, they are not ready to hand over the wheel. Drivers today prefer technology that has an “influence” rather than a direct impact on their driving. As automobile companies look to invest more in connected and autonomous vehicle technology, they will need to better understand how response times and performance of connected capabilities impacts consumer trust.

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