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Energy Trading

Trading energy commodities such as electricity, oil and natural gas is a fast-moving practice that requires the real-time distribution of shifting prices and futures.

Solace helps firms collect and distribute the pricing and other data it takes to help clients make smart trades while conforming to risk profiles and complying with relevant regulations.

Production & Pipeline Management

To ensure the clean, secure operation of geographically dispersed production facilities and pipelines you need to collect a massive amount of data from countless pressure, temperature and flow sensors.

Solace facilitates communications between sensor networks and industrial control systems to enable the more effective management of production, refinement and distribution assets.

Smart Grids

Most utilities are modernizing their electrical systems into “smart grids” that dynamically adapt to patterns of use. These smart grids use sensor data and real-time usage metrics to let them improve the efficiency and reliability of their system.

By aggregating information from sensors and smart meters, and sending instructions to control systems, Solace lets power companies dynamically manage demand fluctuations and network faults, and alert human operators when exceptional situations require their intervention.

Resource Sector: The Business Case For An Event Mesh


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