Make the best of your Kafka Infrastructure

With use of Kafka having grown exponentially, event streams are a treasure trove of high value, real-time data that is often unknown or overlooked. Solace Event Portal helps organizations realise better value off their Kafka infrastructure along with enabling developers to easily design streaming applications, and provision those applications Kafka configurations in a modern, self-service way. Imagine API management but for events. Just like how API management enables the exposure, lifecycle management and governance of RESTful/GraphQL APIs but in this Kafka for your Kafka streaming platform.

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Better Discoverability & Governance

Faster Application Onboarding and Automation

Increased Developer

Improve understanding of your system with automated discovery

  • Scan event streams from Kafka brokers, including distributions like Confluent and Amazon MSK
  • Associate events, endpoints and subscriptions with applications and application domains
  • Get a visual view of event flows and payload schema to event relationships

Discover and Audit Apache Kafka Event Streams

Accelerate design of Kafka event streams and event-driven applications

Accelerate the design of Kafka event streams and event-driven applications

  • Organize your system into application domains
  • Create and/or import payload schema definitions in a variety of formats
  • Define event interactions between all applications or microservices

Increase reuse of Kafka assets with a searchable catalog

  • Find and reuse discovered Kafka event streams
  • Create new event streams leveraging Avro schemas for new apps and microservices
  • Create application domains by group, organization or line of business

Catalog, design and share Kafka Event Streams and Event-Driven Apps

Improve the governance and lifecycle management of your Kafka assets

Improve the governance and lifecycle management of your Kafka assets

  • Control who can access which resources
  • Create and track every version of each EDA objects from cradle to grave
  • Promote new versions through your development, staging, and production environments

Boost developer productivity by integrating Kafka development into your SDLC processes

  • Pull the latest schemas and application versions from Event Portal into Slack
  • Pull schemas and applications into Slack
  • Document in Confluence by pulling the latest application interface data
  • Generate code using the latest AsyncAPI document using IntelliJ
  • Accelerate review through GitHub by verifying the AsyncAPI is valid and versions are correct

Integrate with your existing development tools

Govern Your Apache Kafka EDA

Improve governance by continuously analyzing your Kafka estate

  • Understand what events are being used, and for what
  • Track the lineage of event-driven data
  • Get a complete view of the upstream and downstream impact changes to apps, events, and schemas will have

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How to discover, visualize, catalog, share, reuse  Kafka

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