Feel like you’re flying blind?

You know and love Apache Kafka, but have you ever tried to visualize Kafka topology, or figure out who owns what event stream in a Kafka cluster? Your event-driven architecture has evolved, and your system has grown to the point where you’re feeling a bit… out of control.

You need a tool to discover your Kafka event streams, represent it in a graphical view, and make it easy to share and reuse events. Basically, you need an API portal, but for asynchronous, event-driven applications.

That is why we have developed PubSub+ Event Portal. This event management toolset makes it easy for you to discover, visualize, catalog and share your Apache Kafka event streams, including those from Confluent and Amazon MSK.

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Solace also has a top-notch solution for portal management and you register your producers, consumers, and preprocessing logic. All of these things are pretty easy to do. This is an area where [Apache] Kafka could use some enhancement.”

Solution architect at a manufacturing company with 10,000+ employees wrote at, PeerSpot
PubSub+ Event Portal for Kafka - add 451 Research Report Reprint

PubSub+ Event Portal for Kafka brings discovery, visualization and management to Kafka streaming environments.”

Matt Aslett,
451 Research

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Discover and understand Apache Kafka event streams

  • Use a runtime discovery agent to easily scan and upload event streams from PubSub+, Apache Kafka brokers and other Kafka distributions from Confluent and Amazon MSK
  • Associate discovered events, endpoints and subscriptions with applications and application domains
  • Visualize the discovered EDA in Designer

Discover and Audit Apache Kafka Event Streams

Design and visualize Kafka event-driven systems

Design and visualize Kafka event-driven systems

  • Organize your systems into application domains
  • Create and/or import payload schema definitions in a variety of formats
  • Define event interactions between all applications or microservices
  • Visualize event flows between application domains, applications, and payload schema to event relationships

Catalog, design and share Kafka Event Streams and Event-Driven Apps

  • Search a robust catalog populated with your discovered Kafka event streams so you can reuse and repurpose them
  • Create new Kafka event streams leveraging the Avro format for new applications and microservices
  • Organize your system into application domains by group, organization or line of business

Catalog, design and share Kafka Event Streams and Event-Driven Apps

Govern Your Apache Kafka EDA

Analyze Your Apache Kafka EDA

  • Get a complete view of upstream and downstream impact of upcoming changes to apps, events, and schemas
  • Understand what events are most and least used
  • Track event-driven data lineage

See PubSub+ Event Portal for Kafka Event Streams in Action

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What else can PubSub+ Event Portal do for you?


Expose Event API Products

Curate and share sets of high-value events with internal and external developers to use.

Control your event data

Audit and track changes by individual users, control consumption of events across teams and application domain while choosing which specification to use for each client and interface.

Quickly develop consistent event-driven applications

Generate and export AsyncAPI 2.0.0 specifications and use code generators from the AsyncAPI opensource community to generate code for your applications.

Event Mesh

Manage the lifecycle of events without chaos

Make updates to existing apps, events, and schemas to create new revisions.

The event-driven future is here.
What’s holding you back?

Creating event-driven applications has historically been hard due to a lack of tools for creating, discovering, sharing and managing events. There hasn’t been an easy way to govern events, and DIY solutions are brittle, complex and take too much time. If these are familiar challenges, you’re going to love PubSub+ Event Portal.

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