Why Solace PubSub+ for Spring?

Take the world’s best event brokers

Solace PubSub+ advanced event brokers meet the diverse messaging and streaming needs of enterprise, IoT, and mobile applications across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

Interconnect your brokers into an event mesh

Connect your Spring-based applications into an event mesh that can dynamically exchange data with applications in any location, using open standards and protocols, all in real-time.

Lifecycle-manage all events with our PubSub+ Event Portal

Create modern event-driven architectures and reactive applications using our Event Portal for event creation, cataloguing, discovery, dependency tracking, monitoring and security.

Connect Your Spring-built Applications to Systems Across Your Enterprise

Stream events and data from your Spring applications across clouds, containers, legacy systems, and more.

Develop in Spring,
share events everywhere, in real-time

Create an event mesh

A PubSub+ enabled event mesh allows your Spring and non-Spring applications to exchange events across your multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud or no-cloud environment securely, reliably, and in real-time from wherever they occur to wherever they need to be.

Support your diverse enterprise

The many PubSub+ integrations, combined with support for open standards, APIs, and protocols, allows your Spring-based applications to communicate with any other application, no matter what language or protocol they speak or message-exchange pattern they use.

Manage events from start to finish

The PubSub+ Event Portal provides all the tooling and controls to manage the flow of events through your enterprise, including: event publication, documentation and promotion; event discovery; event visualization (discovery, monitoring and interaction); event lifecycle management of schemas, events and application interface definitions; event governance and security; guidelines and best practices.

Event streaming

The Solace open source Spring Cloud Stream Binder for PubSub+ enables developers to easily create event-driven microservices that connect to the Solace PubSub+ event mesh and take advantage of easy stream processing with other applications, cloud services and connected devices. Other Solace integrations allow Spring-based microservices to create or process streams on the event mesh with other technologies, such as Kafka, Beam, Kinesis or the Edge Streaming family.

Solace With Spring – Details for Developers

PubSub+ is messaging technology that sits between your apps and microservices, enabling inter-application communication through a variety of patterns like publish-subscribe, queuing, streaming and replay (in addition to request-reply).

Solace API Protocols Diagram
It also supports multi-protocol interoperability, allowing developers to use their language, API, and protocol of choice on an application by application basis while still seamlessly exchanging data across distributed applications. This interoperability enables microservices created using the Spring ecosystem to communicate with both Spring and non-Spring applications. For example, an IoT sensor can send an alert into the event mesh using MQTT, which is then processed by a Spring Cloud Stream microservice. The processed event is then received in parallel via the event mesh by a legacy Spring application using JMS and a web-app using WebSocket. In order to enable Spring developers, Solace provides integration with the following components of the Spring Framework: Spring Cloud Stream, Spring Messaging/JMS, Spring Integration, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud Connectors, and Spring Cloud Data Flow.

Together, Spring and the Solace technology platform enable developers to liberate data from systems of record, build real-time, event-driven applications that stream data throughout their organization to increase business agility, and alert and inform partners and customers in a robust and secure way to improve customer experiences.”

Shawn McAllister

CTO, Solace

Solace with Spring projects

Spring Boot

Solace provides Spring Boot Auto-Configuration implementations and Spring Boot Starter POMs for the Solace Java and JMS APIs to make it easier to use them with Spring Boot auto-configuration through the @Autowired annotation. The artifacts are published to the Maven central repository so it should be familiar and intuitive to use this project in your applications.

Spring Cloud Connectors

Spring Cloud Connectors is an implementation of the ServiceInfo and ServiceInfoCreator interfaces to extend the Spring Cloud Connectors project to the Solace PubSub+ for Tanzu tile. Using this in your Spring application can make consuming the PubSub+ messaging service easier than directly parsing the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

Spring Cloud Stream

The Spring Cloud Stream Binder for PubSub+ is an open source binder that abstracts PubSub+ messaging capabilities so applications can easily send and receive events and information to and from other systems using a variety of exchange patterns and open APIs and protocols. The binder helps you build sophisticated event-driven microservices without having to know anything about the underlying messaging that makes it all possible.

Solace PubSub+ dependency in Spring Initializr

Spring Initializr

The Solace PubSub+ dependency in Spring Initializr informs Initializr to add the Solace JMS Spring Boot Starter to the maven pom or build.gradle file of the generated project. Check out the blog below to learn more and see how to use Spring Initializr to bootstrap your next Spring Boot microservice using start.spring.io, your favorite IDE or even from the CLI.

Spring JMS / Messaging

Developers using Spring Framework v4 and v5 with Spring Integration can integrate with Solace’s Java Message Service (JMS) to build Spring-based applications that follow well-known Enterprise Integration Patterns.

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