How PubSub+ extends and enhances Azure Cloud

PubSub+ is event broker technology that enables event-driven interactions between applications and microservices running in public and virtual private cloud environments from Azure, AWS and GCP, in private clouds such as PCF or OpenShift, and on-premises. You can use PubSub+ to easily connect Azure-based applications and services with your entire enterprise by creating a unified, enterprise-grade data distribution network—what’s called an event mesh.

A diagram showing how PubSub+ works with Microsoft Azure and Azure services

PubSub+ provides a unified platform to integrate your entire application ecosystem, including microservices, SaaS, cloud services, legacy apps, mobile devices and the IoT.

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Familiar challenges?

Don’t get bogged down in the details of data integration.

  • Adopting an event-driven architecture to seamlessly distribute events in real-time across clouds, on premises environments, and the IoT
  • Connecting applications using diverse protocols and APIs (AMQP, MQTT, JMS and WebSocket, plus REST/HTTP)
  • Scalability, reliability and security issues surrounding moving mission-critical data
  • Flexibility and agility in your application deployment options

Solace provides the secure and scalable messaging backbone needed for what could become one of the largest IoT implementations in the world.”

Core TT uses Azure and PubSub+ to drive smarter analytics, deeper visualizations and more effective command-and-control functions that improve transparency of air cargo shipments.
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Share information wherever it’s needed, in real-time

PubSub+ event brokers span all locations and use-cases

Quick Start Guides

These solace Quick Start guides help developers to implement Solace PubSub+ event brokers in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

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Deploy standalone or high-availability clusters in Azure

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Quick Start

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Quick Start for PubSub+ broker

PubSub+ Cloud as a service