Solace offers several VMware-supported VMs
and full support for TAS, TKG and Spring.

Tanzu Application Service

Connect your apps deployed on
Tanzu with the rest of
your enterprise.


Tanzu Container Grid (TKG)

Build event-driven systems and share events and data from Tanzu-based apps with apps in other clouds, containers, systems of record, and more.

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Use the tools you know and love to build event-driven microservices and distribute events throughout your distributed enterprise.

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We are pleased that Solace has validated its solutions for VMware Tanzu. This signifies to customers that PubSub+ event brokers can be deployed with the knowledge and reassurance that Solace fully supports the specified versions and configurations on VMware Tanzu.”

Headshot of VMware's Pat Lee

Pat Lee

Vice President, Emerging ISVs & Solutions, VMware

Stream and Manage Events Across your Enterprise

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Link instances of PubSub+ Event Broker to build an event mesh that lets your Tanzu-orchestrated applications stream events to wherever they need to be so data can flow between apps, data sources and sinks, IoT devices and microservices across cloud and non-cloud environments.

Let your architects, business analysts and developers more easily design, document, manage and reuse events across your enterprise and ecosystem of partners with PubSub+ Event Portal.

The Solace platform enables developers working in Tanzu to connect to systems of record and build real-time event-driven applications more quickly, and it allows enterprises to stream data throughout their organization and beyond robustly and securely.”

Headshot of Holger Mueller

Holger Mueller

VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Orchestrate Events like you Orchestrate Containers

Build event-driven systems and share information from Tanzu-based applications
with applications in other clouds, containers, legacy systems of record, and more.