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Stream real-time data from any app

Solace PubSub+ event brokers meet the diverse messaging and streaming needs of enterprise, IoT, and mobile applications across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

Manage it all from a single pane of glass

Use PubSub+ Mission Control to deploy Kubernetes-based event broker services in minutes, quickly connect brokers into an event mesh, set up monitoring and alerts, and access advanced tooling for event-driven architecture.

Share data across your distributed enterprise

Connect your Kubernetes-based brokers into an event mesh that can dynamically exchange data with applications in any location, using open standards and protocols, all in real-time. Including environments with dynamically auto-scaled microservices.

Lifecycle-manage all events with PubSub+ Event Portal

Create a modern event-driven architecture and reactive applications using our Event Portal for event creation, cataloging, discovery, dependency tracking, monitoring and governance.

Orchestrate events like you orchestrate containers.

Build an event-driven architecture and share events with applications in clouds, containers, legacy systems of record, and more – in real-time, reliably and at scale, and manage it all from a single pane of glass.

Centrally Managed Hybrid Cloud Event Mesh

Centrally Managed Hybrid Cloud Event Mesh

It is super important when you use third-party software in a hybrid cloud environment to be able to choose where you deploy this software. With Solace PubSub+, I could as well deploy it in an on-prem environment, as in the Public Cloud datacenter of my choice. This gives you the right amount of control.”

Support Enterprise-Wide Event Distribution

Event Mesh

Create a hybrid/multi-cloud event mesh

PubSub+ event brokers can easily be connected to form an event mesh that dynamically routes events between producer and subscriber applications, no matter where they live on the mesh, in real-time.

This can include events from systems of record for integration with other remotely deployed apps, or real-time event streaming between applications in different Kubernetes clusters.

Microservices Environment

Enable event-driven microservices

Unlock the full power of event-driven microservices with asynchronous, event-driven messaging, simple producer/consumer scalability, autoscaling, high availability, message rate and consumer availability decoupling, and more.

Stream data from on-prem to the cloud

Enable secure, reliable, real-time data movement between legacy and cloud applications over WebSocket, AMQP 1.0, JMS or REST/HTTP.

Ingest or distribute data streams from Apache Kafka, and stream data across private and public clouds, all while taking advantage of WAN optimization to minimize bandwidth costs.

IoT Environment

Build IoT applications

Provide IoT apps with a flexible, bi-directional connection layer with native support for MQTT to communicate easily and securely with real-time devices at scale.

Getting Started

Solace has two ways to support your enterprise adopting Kubernetes-based event brokers.


Do it yourself, using PubSub+ Event Broker: Software with HELM charts and install guides.

VMware Tanzu

Google Kubernetes EngineGoogle Kubernetes Engine

  • Quickstart (PubSub+ Event Broker: Software – Standard Edition)
  • Quickstart (Solace PubSub+ Software Event Broker HA group onto a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster)


You can deploy PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud in your Kubernetes cluster (on premises or in public or virtual private clouds) using PubSub+ Mission Control.

  • Fully automated event broker services that spin up in seconds without any effort on your part.
  • PubSub+ Mission Control does all the heavy lifting to dynamically deploy, upgrade, patch, monitor and operate the event broker services and engineer it all to be secure, resilient (with built in HA and DR), and cost-optimized so enterprises can focus on building applications.
  • PubSub+ Mission Control also extends other Solace SaaS offerings into your Kubernetes environment, such as PubSub+ Event Portal, as well as advanced monitoring capabilities.
  • PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud can deploy and manage services in OpenShift, Rancher, VMware Tanzu, GKE Anthos, Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Huawei CCE, with other deployment options available on request

Contact us to learn more about how PubSub+ event brokers can work in your Kubernetes environments and event-enable your enterprise.