How does PubSub+ work with Google Cloud Platform?

As an event broker that enables event-driven interactions between applications and microservices running in public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure), in private clouds, and on-premises, PubSub+ can, with little to no coding, connect GCP services with apps across your enterprise. PubSub+ brokers use open APIs and protocols and can be deployed wherever your applications run to create a unified, enterprise-grade data distribution mesh.

PubSub+ Cloud in GCP

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Leverage GCP machine learning services

PubSub+ feeds real-time data to Apache Beam using a support Beam I/O Connector running in Google Cloud Dataflow so that you can take advantage of powerful cloud processing and machine learning services. And because you’ll be able to leverage the power of BigTable and TensorFlow, you’ll write new apps faster than ever while gaining critical new insights into your business.

PubSub+ and Apache Beam

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Event-enable Apigee APIs for faster app deployment

PubSub+ turns requests from your Apigee API system into events and efficiently delivers them to applications, devices and microservices across your enterprise and around the world. No need to poll endpoints or wait for synchronous data delivery. Exchange events over protocols including AMQP, JMS, MQTT and WebSocket.

PubSub+ with Apigee

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