Online Poker & Gaming

Online poker and gaming sites place a premium on system availability and responsiveness, and must easily scale from low off-peak activity levels to periods of extremely high activity around big games and qualifying tournaments.

Solace lets gaming companies create a scalable infrastructure that ensures ultra-fast game play, supports bursty usage patterns, and enables real-time fraud detection.

Race/Sports Betting

Solace enables the real-time delivery of odds, bets and results through periods of massive volume and volatility so gaming companies can offer rich, responsive web and mobile apps that attract and retain customers.

Activity Tracking & Fraud Detection

The ability to track and analyze betting activity in real-time can help gaming companies detect fraud right away, and offer benefits to players based on achievements and betting patterns.

Solace supports the instant aggregation of information so analytics and event processing engines have a clean feed of data from which they can identify important patterns and trends.

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