Many companies who’ve integrated their systems and processes with TIBCO products like BusinessWorks, EMS and Rendezvous have told us they feel pains related to…

  • Antiquated products that don’t meet today’s needs, let alone tomorrow’s.
  • Complicated deployments consisting of inconsistent, often barely compatible products.
  • Complex license agreements that lock them in so they can’t evolve their infrastructure with a best-of-breed approach.
  • A lack of commitment to product innovation, customer support and documentation.

If those feel familiar, we’ve got the cure: a cutting-edge cloud-friendly integration platform powered by Solace’s event-driven architecture (EDA) platform and Boomi’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offering.

Why Upgrade?

Our event-driven integration platform will not only make your business more responsive and resilient, but also give you the power to scale your system on demand, embrace hot new technologies, and adapt to evolving needs for years to come.

  • Link applications and IoT devices across cloud, on-premises and edge environments using your favorite APIs and protocols.
  • Efficiently distribute information around the world with an event mesh that dynamically routes it where it needs to be via the fastest possible path, no matter what.
  • Ensure business continuity with built-in high availability and disaster recovery capabilities that minimize interruptions and eliminate the risk of message loss.
  • Enable your developers to share, discover, and reuse APIs and event streams, and even expose them to third parties.

It’s Simple to Switch!

Lots of leading enterprises have successfully made the switch, so we’ve got approaches, best practices and tools at the ready so you can migrate from your TIBCO estate as gradually or aggressively as you want.

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Tibco Technical Debt? Modernize Your Business with Boomi and Solace

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