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Watch a Developer Use the Platform to Plan and Build EDA

Kevin from the Solace Cloud developer team shows how an enterprise (GameCo) would use PubSub+ Portal, Mission Control and Insights to accelerate their EDA journey and grow their business.

PubSub+ Cloud:
2 Major Services to Make Your Life Easier

1. Event Streaming

Solace PubSub+ Mission Control

Connect your applications using your preferred API or open source protocol with powerful event broker services you can spin up in any location in minutes, then link your services together and dynamically stream events across your distributed enterprise. Spin up event broker services

2. Event Management

Event Portal

Discover, design, develop and share events, applications and schemas with PubSub+ Event Portal. It’s your one-stop-shop to manage all the events in your ecosystem and deliver event-driven applications faster.
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Kubernetes environments

Why You’ll Love PubSub+ Cloud

Easy for EDA Beginners,
intuitive for EDA Experts.

PubSub+ Cloud gives you all the features, functionality and performance you need to quickly design, build, and deploy event-driven applications within your distributed enterprise.

  • Get coding quickly with an intuitive web console, plus a dedicated learning center and REST API for CI/CD integration.
  • Work in any language or API stack. PubSub+ Cloud lets you discover and design apps and events for any event broker and supports open APIs and protocols like AMQP, MQTT, JMS, REST, WebSocket and more, so you can work how you want without worrying about lock in.
  • Available in any Cloud or Kubernetes environment. PubSub+ Cloud works in public and private regions of all the major cloud providers, and in cloud and on-premises Kubernetes environments.
  • Plans and pricing to meet any use case or budget. Start small while in development and grow your deployment as you move to production and scale.
  • Dead simple Ops. Operations are fully managed by PubSub+ Cloud. Leave the set-up, hosting, security, maintenance and scaling to our experts.

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