After a quick chat about your objectives and environment, we’ll book a time for one of our product experts to give you a custom interactive demonstration that shows you exactly how PubSub+ Event Broker will help you improve the performance, robustness and scalability of your application infrastructure through event-driven architecture.

Key benefits of PubSub+ Event Broker:

Event MeshFreedom & Flexibility
Support for all messaging patterns and your favorite APIs and protocols.

PubSub+ Event PortalEasier Integration
Wide range of connectors for leading ESBs and integration platform as a service (iPaaS) offerings.

PubSub+ Mission ControlSimplified Data Distribution
The ability to stream real-time information across your cloud, edge, and
on-premises deployments.

PubSub+ InsightsEmbrace the Cloud
Solace Brokers can be deployed in your favorite clouds and Kubernetes environments.

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