The Growth of Middleware Appliances and Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

SearchSOA had an article yesterday on the rapid growth in SOA and middleware appliances, a subject near and dear to our hearts here at Solace. Obviously we agree with the observations, given that we are the leading supplier of messaging middleware appliances globally, and have experienced 1512% growth of our own over the past 5 years.

bigdata-paperAs the megatrends of big-data-scale applications and the move from batch to real-time business processes merge, far more information than ever before is on the move. The resulting data volumes and increases in complexity are the key drivers behind the growing adoption of easier to manage and higher capacity application infrastructures.

In fact, we just prepared a fun little piece of visual collateral highlighting the crazy growth in data rates in virtually every industry and the changing requirements that growth places on your middleware  (…and yes, it also addresses what to do if zombies take over your datacenter).

It takes less than five minutes to read, check it out.