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Connected cars: the final frontier

What will it take for car makers to boldly go where no car maker has gone before?

Automakers have a long voyage ahead as they aim to shift revenues from making large mobile hardware devices to providing personalized and interactive transportation services.

As they explore this strange new world, their success will hinge less on their ability to design and engineer better cars and more on their ability to establish superior direct connections with their end customers, folks like you and me.

Doing so will require them to boldly navigate a rapidly-evolving ecosystem of enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT sensors and the cloud to satisfy the preferences and shifting whims of today’s discerning drivers.

For those that can get ahead of the connected car curve by doing so, the future is bright – establishing closer relationships with customers leads to the kind of loyalty car makers dream of, the kind more conservative car makers will struggle to overcome.… Read the rest