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The World’s Best Message Broker Is Now Free. Here’s Why I Made The Decision.

August 2003 is remembered by many as the month of the Northeast Blackout.

Around 10 million people in my home province of Ontario went over a day without power, and over 45 million people across the US were impacted as well.

In a separate incident later that month, hundreds of thousands of London Underground passengers were left stranded in the dark.

Five years later, in reflecting on the cause of the Northeast Blackout, Scientific American concluded that:


“Gathering the data is only the beginning.”


That line strikes a chord within me then as much as it does now.

August 2003 happens to be when I joined Solace, and is therefore when my obsession with the movement of data—not just the gathering of it—began.

It’s been nearly fifteen years, but I still find myself completely fascinated by the often unheralded data movement technologies that are powering so many of the experiences around us.… Read the rest