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Browsing Messages on Solace using HermesJMS

From time to time we get asked from Customers how they can browse messages, and message payloads specifically, from durable topics and queues. This can be from application topics and queues, but more often than not it’s from Dead Message Queues.

Whilst our SolAdmin management application for Solace message routers can be used to view how many messages are sitting in a given durable topic or queue, you may only view characteristics and properties of a message such as for example the date it was spooled, the size of the message, or any of the message properties.

That is where a tool like HermesJMS comes into play. HermesJMS is an open source graphical user interface for working with JMS Providers that allows you to browse JMS topics and queues. Whilst we acknowledge that HermesJMS isn’t actively contributed to these days, the tool is still widely used by many people for the purpose that it was developed for in the first place.… Read the rest