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Let Solace Messaging Help You Create Robust Fault-tolerant Applications

High Availability is a critical part of your middleware platforms, and Solace continually puts enormous effort into building and testing rock-solid HA and DR solutions that have been providing “five 9’s” reliability to customers for years.

Even if the message bus stays up flawlessly for a decade, none of that matters if the applications using it fall over. So what does Solace offer to application architects that we can leverage to make our applications more fault tolerant and highly available? I’ll walk through a few of the different tools that are available.

Reconnect Logic

At a bare minimum, if your application uses messaging you need to be able to maintain connectivity to that platform in the event of failures. Solace messaging client libraries provide highly available connectivity support through several mechanisms built into the client libraries, the appliances and their communication protocols. They take care of connection stability, reconnect logic and message sequence handling so that our application code can concentrate on what we as application developers do for a living.… Read the rest