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A Sneak Peek at the Solace PubSub+ Cloud REST API

If you’re familiar with developing and deploying in a cloud environment, a common practice is to bring up a cloud resource using a cloud provider’s APIs, use that resource, then remove it when you are done. This is all accomplished programmatically, avoiding the need to start or stop the resources manually using the cloud provider’s user interface.

For example, a common flow for testing an app would be to:

1. Bring up a cloud server (e.g., an AWS EC2) programmatically
2. Install and test your app on that cloud server
3. Tear down the cloud server when your testing is complete

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do this with your messaging service too?

Now you can! Solace PubSub+ Cloud just introduced REST APIs and REST API token support (in beta). This means developers can use Solace Cloud’s REST APIs to create PubSub+ Cloud messaging services and extract information about them programmatically.… Read the rest