AMQP v1.0 to be unveiled in San Diego

When you think San Diego, what do you think of? The beautiful waterfront, the San Diego Zoo, Legoland, and of course, interoperable messaging protocols.

Next week the 2nd annual AMQP “face to face” meeting will again be held in San Diego, California. As with last year, the first day will be open to the public (Jun 8), and the next two days (Jun 9, 10) will be for members only.

If you haven’t been paying attention, AMQP V1.0 is firming up . Last week the protocol was voted to “recommended” status which means no more changes (only provable defect fixes are allowed). The biggest change that comes with the V1.0 release is that future releases must maintain backwards compatibility, which significantly reduces the risk of building applications or products using AMQP.

I’ll post another update after the meetings with some detail from the official V1.0 announcement.