In the world of event-driven architecture (EDA), architects and developers often face challenges when it comes to visually conceptualizing and creating applications, their associated events, and the relationships between then, both within and between their app domains. The process can be cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring users to navigate through multiple forms and interfaces just to create and manage event driven assets and their relationships effectively.

At Solace, we hear about and understand these pain points and are excited to introduce a revolutionary solution to address them: PubSub+ Event Portal’s new graphical designer.

Here’s how it addresses common pain points and empowers developers:

  1. Designing Event-Driven Systems with Ease: Users can now drag and drop new EDA object versions, such as apps and events, directly onto the graph. This action automatically creates the objects within the current app domain. Additionally, users can select existing events from the current or other app domains to be published or subscribed to by their new application versions, simplifying the process of incorporating existing components into the EDA design.
  2. Efficient Object Management: Deleting object versions used in EDA designs is now a straightforward task, enhancing the overall management of the architecture.
  3. Simplified Relationship Management: Users can also delete event-application relationships directly from the graph, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple interfaces and reducing the number of clicks it would take in a form-based approach.
  4. Streamlined Attribute Management: With the graphical designer, it’s easier than ever to set attributes like name, version, life cycle state, and description, and even custom attributes. Users can update these attributes directly within the designer, without the need to navigate through complex forms.
  5. Effortless Deployment: From the graphical designer, users can easily deploy application versions to a Solace/Kafka broker in an environment/Runtime Event Manager.
  6. Enhanced Search Capabilities: Searching for and finding objects on the graph is now more efficient, facilitating quicker navigation and management. The graphical designer provides a filterable list view of objects next to the graph, making working with large application domains easy.

With the introduction of PubSub+ Event Portal’s graphical designer, we are revolutionizing the way architects and developers can approach EDA design. The intuitive interface simplifies time-consuming processes by enabling a whiteboard-style approach, making it easier than ever for users to design, manage, and deploy event-driven systems.

You can see it in action below, and if you’re curious to give it a try, sign-up for a free trial now!

Hema Balaraman

Hema dreams of playing fetch with her dogs on a beach - unless she is helping someone craft the narrative for their product and company. With close to 10 years of experience with companies like ZOHO and Freshworks, Hema is now busy finding ways to enhance Solace's presence through various product marketing activities.