Oracle GoldenGate Integration: Introduction

Enhance your Oracle GoldenGate architecture by integrating with Solace message routers to enable real-time data distribution to applications. Additionally, enable enterprise applications to use the enterprise message bus to persist information to the database, instead of directly performing database updates, decoupling these applications from the database updates and unlocking higher performance. And finally, put these together to simplify and accelerate existing distributed GoldenGate installations.

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Oracle GoldenGate Integration: Achieving Higher WAN Performance

See how Solace message routers can accelerate GoldenGate replication over the wide area network.

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Solace in 30 Seconds

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Solace vs. Websphere MQ as Messaging Foundation for DataPower Appliances

Solace message routers can reduce the cost and complexity of your messaging middleware by replacing Websphere MQ with a purpose-built appliance that offers better performance and reliability. Solace’s hardware lets applications share real-time information at lower cost than software like WebSphere MQ, and works with IBM products like Integration Broker, Websphere Application Server and DataPower SOA appliances.

In this presentation,  Solace product expert Mark Spielman demonstrates how easy it is to swap the messaging foundation of a DataPower SOA appliance from Websphere MQ to a Solace message router.

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Design Patterns for Large-Scale Data Movement

There is no “best” way to distribute data within applications. If you ask an experienced architect for advice you’ll get a litany of followup questions before they’re willing to make recommendations: LAN or WAN? Large blocks of data or small? How many updates per second? They’ll also want to know how “real-time” you need it to be (i.e. what kind of latency you can tolerate), how many recipients each update needs to go to and what level of delivery or transaction guarantee you need. They’ll want to understand your network environment – private, public, cloud, etc. – and any requirements related to archival, regulatory compliance, uptime and disaster recovery. Each of those factors affects the protocols you may choose and manner of implementation decisions.

In this presentation,  Solace systems engineer Ken Overton described popular data movement design patterns, discussed the myriad of deployment considerations that impact manageability and high availability, and illustrated the impact of such decisions with real world examples.… Read the rest

Guaranteed Messaging Performance

This video featuring Solace product expert Mark Spielman demonstrates the high throughput and low latency of Solace message routers performing guaranteed messaging.

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Guaranteed Messaging Performance Demo

Solace supports hundreds of thousands of guaranteed messages per second, and fanout as high as 1.5 million messages per second with lower ingress rate.

Slow Consumer Handling Demo

Solace appliances have been specifically designed to handle slow consumers in such a way that they do not impact the performance of publishers or fast consumers. For persistent messaging, publishers and fast consumers are identified and prioritized over slow or recovering consumers even as message storage to slow consumers continues to increase. Our patented approach ensures complete performance isolation in a manner not possible in software to ensure platform stability. Learn more.

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Virtualization for Shared Use of Solace Appliances

Solace message routers can be partitioned to meet the needs of many applications, dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of messaging middleware infrastructure. In this video Solace product expert Mark Spielman demonstrates the partitioning of a Solace appliances.

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Data Movement at Very Large Scale

In this one hour presentation given at the QCon conference in San Francisco in November of 2013, Solace Systems Engineer Hans Jespersen explains the unique challenges, techniques and technologies associated with enabling the distribution of “big data” volumes of information. Learn more about how Solace helps companies with big data initiatives.
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