The Challenge: EDA is Hard to Adopt Today

Despite the widely recognized value of event-driven interactions, many architects and developers continue to use synchronous, RESTful request/reply interactions for all communications between applications. This is in large part because REST is supported and surrounded by a robust developer community, API specifications, development frameworks, and tools such as code generators which don’t exist in the area of events and event-driven applications. Event Horizon represents Solace’s commitment from Solace to address this.

Here’s a glimpse into our thinking:

Why is it so difficult to develop event-driven applications today?

Replicating the Success of REST in Event-Driven Architecture

The Solution: Pave the Path to EDA Adoption

To unlock the power and potential of event-driven architectures, enterprises need:

  1. An easy way to stream and manage events across distributed enterprises
  2. Thought leadership and hands-on tips for designing event-driven microservices, APIs and architectures
  3. Key commercial vendors collaborating to enable event-driven integration across proprietary applications, services and equipment
  4. A vibrant and open community contributing code, developing frameworks, and sharing learnings across domains and use cases

Event Horizon is meeting these needs through four initiatives:

  1. Investing in EDA product innovation
  2. Nurturing global EDA community-building through education, networking and thought leadership
  3. Building a coalition of vendor partners united in enabling event-driven systems at enterprise scale
  4. Advancing the state of open source projects

Latest Milestones