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Months of independent research have lead us to bring you an agenda that tackles the biggest challenges facing the connected fleet industry.

  • The ELD Landscape: Allay confusion as to the hardware (tablets, mobile etc.) and software (OTA updates) that will affect the compliancy of current solutions
  • The Platoon Red Tape: Analyze how state-by-state based legislation and traffic law (i.e. acceptable distances between trucks) is impacting the country wide roll-out of platooning tech. and DATP
  • Gamification of Connected Driving – Level 1: Harness driver centric mobile apps which not only tackle efficiency (i.e. traffic updates and HOS stops) but also foster a sense of community
  • Integrating AI & ML: Streamline data into business intelligence for fleet operators incl. driving habits, and how to apply to small CPU power to low-cost devices already in most vehicles
  • Plugging Fleet into the IoT: Establish the data points of the smart city & logistics ecosystem that can improve the efficiency, safety & UX of fleets

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