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Join Solace at the leading Software Developer Conference in Europe as we explore in-depth workshops and speaking sessions. The Oredev Developers Conference covers a wide range of topics, from DevOps to software architecture. Meet us in the ‘Wrong Way’ lecture room to hear Developer Advocate Hari Rangarajan talk about Event API Products and how they can help maximize the value of your event-driven architecture, or chat with us one-on-one at our booth.

Event API Products: Maximizing the Value of Your Event-Driven Architecture
Hari Rangarajan – Developer Advocate, Solace
November 9, 2022 @ 11:30am CET (Lecture room,’ Wrong Way’)

Every change of state in an enterprise is qualified as an ‘event.’ Like synchronous REST APIs, it is possible to elevate asynchronous, event-centric interactions as event APIs to streamline business processes and create positive customer experiences. Enabling and exposing events in an enterprise as event API products can benefit internal and external stakeholders. To accomplish that, an enterprise needs the ability to:

    • Harness and expose digital value as events
    • Bundle and document events for sharing and automation using specifications such as AsyncAPI
    • Distribute event API products
    • Manage event API products using an event management platform that simplifies the entire event lifecycle

Adoption of event API products will benefit from the experience of working with synchronous APIs, existing standards, and API management systems – eventually making it an integral part of complex problem-solving.

This talk includes a demonstration of building and consuming an event API product using Solace PubSub+ and AsyncAPI.
Oredev Speaking Session Speaker

Venue information

Exhibition & Conference Center, Mässgatan 6
Malmö, 215 32 Sweden

Type: In-person

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