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Solace is proud to sponsor and co-host switchON Exchange Europe, an online conference that will showcase the latest developments in enterprise architecture through speaking sessions, networking, thought-provoking discussions, and more. Join CIOs, architects, and IT leaders around the globe to learn how to create a streamlined and agile IT landscape that supports continued digital transformation.

Meshing Around – Next Gen Agility and Responsiveness – EDA journey at Unilever with Event Mesh 
September 15, 2022 @ 10:25am CEST
Sumeet Puri – Chief Technology Solutions Officer, Solace 
Sushil Sarda – Head of Integration, Unilever 

In this session, Sumeet will talk about the basics of event-driven thinking, event mesh as a data movement backbone, data as a product with data mesh, and event discovery and cataloguing. Sumeet will also explain the SAP Advanced Event mesh, with some example case studies. Sushil will then talk about how Unilever used the Solace-enabled event mesh to disrupt and transform ecommerce and build next generation apps.

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