Solace-Appliances-RackedSolace message routers revolutionize how information is shared between all kinds of applications, devices and users. Solace can cost-effectively meet key UK Government ICT drivers of consolidating infrastructure, using common and shared resources, reducing the environmental impact of ICT, and enabling the “digital by default” migration to digital services.

Support for the multi-tenant deployment of messaging services enables cloud deployments with less complexity, lower cost and a smaller footprint than other solutions. The ability to deploy high-performance cloud-based messaging in a unified hardware-based platform gives service providers tremendous provisioning flexibility, along with the ability to implement usage-based billing by message or even by byte if required.

Services can be deployed programmatically via integration with the cloud management domain, enabling Messaging as a Service (MAAS). Provisioning MaaS using purpose-built hardware overcomes the limitations associated with matching software message brokers with virtualisation technologies and hypervisors that hamper network I/O, the lifeblood of messaging. The result is deterministic, scalable and reliable message transport that allows distributed applications to focus on the business and not the technology.

Solace message routers have been successfully deployed by blue chip companies in financial services, gaming, government, manufacturing, telecommunications and transportation, along with some of the biggest names in high-tech and internet services.