Gluesync for Solace PubSub+
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Gluesync for Solace PubSub+

The missing enterprise-grade CDC suite for PubSub+

Enterprise-grade features, premium support, Ferrari performances, and no data loss

As an enterprise, you may seek a CDC suite capable of providing outcomes and not headaches. Gluesync CDC for PubSub+ comes with a specific set of functionalities tailored for production usage of Solace: support for persisted or non-persisted messages, encryption in all available flavors, partitioning, and user-definable topic names. The whole process can be monitored via Prometheus, plus it has built-in alerting and customizable logging.

Event sourcing done right

Imagine one single control point for all events sourced from each of your data stores

Gluesync comes with 20+ Solace-ready database sources, reacting in real-time in case of changes, so you won’t miss a single INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE. Buckle up and stream from AS400, MS SQL Server, Oracle (11.2g included), PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Couchbase, MongoDB, and many more.

Got on-prem, Cloud or free?

You don’t need to choose; it works with Cloud fully managed PubSub+ as well as the free edition

Thanks to our containerized solution, Gluesync seamlessly integrates with Solace PubSub+ using the SMF protocol, whether on-premises or on the Cloud. Gluesync also brings enhanced security to the table with support for TLS and TCPS protocol

Got Debezium?

Seamless message format guarantees you with plug ‘n play experience

From open-source Debezium to Enterprise Gluesync, is a snap. Gluesync provides the same developer experience in terms of message format but a broader portfolio of source connectors while being able to provide unparalleled performances even with old-fashioned Oracle 11.2 databases

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Features & Use Cases

Data modeling with nested objects support​

Gluesync offers on-the-fly data modeling with support for ANSI SQL queries to describe the data model for the JSON document structure in NoSQL you’d like to get but it is not limited to that: through our Advanced data modeling feature you can nest incoming RDBMS objects into your JSON document with up to 2 level of deep

Transactions log-based CDC plus a blazingly-fast initial load

  • Take data out of any major RDBMS or NoSQL at incredible speeds
  • Replicate data changes incrementally avoiding risky data refreshes or heavy data imports
  • Every action counts: by reading your datasource’s transaction logs Gluesync replays every each action happened to your data whether is an INSERT, UPDATE or a DELETE
  • Don’t miss a single bit: your transactions are securely replayed to the target datastore only when our 2-phases commit implementation acknowledge the engine that every bit has been securely persisted
  • Reduced footprint: by managing and implementing change data capture via native datasource APIs we’re always up-to-date with latest vendor updates and optimizations

Enterprise features

  • Built-in alerting system
  • Monitoring via Prometheus and REST API endpoints
  • Logging: fully user-customizable for advanced traceability
  • Designed for the containers era: natively supporting Kubernetes & Openshift

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