Google Pub/Sub (publish to Solace microservice)
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Google Pub/Sub (publish to Solace microservice)

Publishing Events from the Cloud

Cloud services commonly publish HTTP REST events into the event mesh as part of an event-driven architecture journey.  These cloud services provide a wide variety of capabilities of varying complexity.  The events provided by today’s cloud services involve various schemas with different headers.  Some cloud solutions may even vary their authentication and authorization solutions.

In an environment where performance and scalability matter, it is critical to select the right stops on the event path to convert message schemes, headers, and authentication and authorization schemes.  Since converting message schemas often involves the most complexity and change, it is often preferable to do their conversion in the consumer.  This most effectively distributes the workload to the greatest number of devices.  However, app teams may not be familiar with the details of the messages from the cloud service or the event mesh.  It is not prudent to convert a massive number of messages with different message schemas in the event broker from a performance and scalability standpoint.

The Microservice Architecture to the Rescue

Luckily, the microservice architecture provides an effective and obvious opportunity to do this via microservice.  Microservices provide a scalable method to convert between message schema, headers, and authentication and authorization solutions.  Converting message headers and authentication and authorization schemes in a microservice before the 1st event broker often makes sense too.  The broker may need to authenticate with the cloud service.  The broker may also expect headers in a different format from what the cloud service provided.

For more details, click on the link to the guide for the Google Pub/Sub to PubSub+ Connector Microservice below!


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Features & Use Cases

A Customizable Example:  The Google Pub/Sub to PubSub+ Microservice and Guide

Solace is providing a customizable sample microservice that starts out as a simple microservice to convert from Google Pub/Sub event messages to PubSub+ messages.  This simple microservice includes the ability to convert schema, headers, and authentication/authorization.  The microservice is fully customizable. It can be modified to facilitate almost any cloud service.  To increase scale, simply spin up multiple instances of the microservice!

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