Integrated Kafka Bridge
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Provider: Solace
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Integrated Kafka Bridge

The Integrated Kafka Bridge enables Solace customers to:

  1. Consume topic records from Kafka and publish them to Solace;
  2. Consume Solace messages and publish them to Kafka topics; and
  3. Interconnect Kafka Clusters via a Solace to create a WAN-optimized, order-retaining Kafka Mesh

In the 10.6.1 release of Solace’s PubSub+ software event broker, the Integrated Kafka Bridge allows you to directly connect Solace Brokers and Kafka Brokers.

Directly integrating Kafka and Solace with Integrated Kafka Bridge removes the extra cost of Kafka Connect and it’s easy!

It is FREE to use, all you need is a valid PubSub+ Event Broker support plan and you are all set!

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