MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
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MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Use the PubSub+ Connector to leverage PubSub+ Event Broker (event streaming) and PubSub+ Event Portal (event management) within the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, to make your MuleSoft integrations more reliable, agile, and event-driven.

What’s included:

  • Native access to PubSub+ Platform in the Mule Palette.
  • PubSub+ Event Broker (Six Operations and Sources supported):
    • Consume event/message (triggered consumer)
    • Direct Topic Subscriber (push direct message consumer)
    • Guaranteed Endpoint Listener (push GM consumer)
    • Request-reply (synchronous wait for a reply in-flow)
    • Publish to topic or queue (direct or persistent)
    • Ack to acknowledge messages anywhere in the Flow
  • PubSub+ Event Portal integration import events and event schemas.
    • Imported event schemas can populate the Mule message payload definition.
    • Event topic is suggested for definition Deep-link back to Event Portal on imported events.

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