Red Hat JBoss Fuse ESB
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Red Hat JBoss Fuse ESB

PubSub+ event broker helps you build event-driven applications leveraging a wide variety of application infrastructure solutions including standalone and cloud microservices.

Red Hat JBoss Fuse Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides agile integration in distributed environments including SOA and/or microservice architecture in standalone and cloud-based environments.  Red Hat JBoss Fuse ESB differentiates as an enterprise governed self-service collaboration platform.  Applications and microservices that are built with or leveraged within Red Hat JBoss Fuse ESB are often clients on the event mesh to produce and consume events.

Solace is the OPEN messaging leader in the industry and is widely adopted by many financial firms and vertical industries. Solace’s event broker provides the event mesh to deliver results with event-driven microservices and applications built on Red Hat JBoss Fuse ESB.

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