First Enterprise-Grade Messaging as a Service Offering to be Available in all Major Public Clouds

OTTAWA, May 2, 2019 – Solace today announced the general availability of its event broker service, PubSub+ Cloud, on Microsoft Azure. With this, PubSub+ Cloud is now available in all major public clouds and virtual private cloud environments.

PubSub+ Cloud helps developers build better applications faster by giving them access to advanced event brokers as a service. Event brokers* route event-driven information between applications and devices across cloud, on-premises and IoT environments.

Our enterprise customers are increasingly adopting multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud strategies to improve agility and access specific cloud-native services,” said Denis King, chief operating officer, Solace. “To easily share data between applications running in multiple clouds and on-premises, you need enterprise-grade event brokers, preferably ones you don’t have to manage on your own, that work natively in all those locations.”

Enterprises can reduce time and expenses by using PubSub+ Cloud to lifecycle-manage their event broker services. Using a web-based console, cloud teams can dynamically deploy, upgrade, patch and delete Solace event brokers in public clouds from Microsoft, Amazon and Google. Additionally, all these services are engineered by Solace for maximum performance, security and resilience. Through one management console, users can create and monitor a network of event brokers in multiple locations – an event mesh – that dynamically distributes data across their hybrid/multi-cloud system. This includes on-premises datacenters and environments such as Kubernetes and Spring Cloud Stream.

We’re excited Solace PubSub+ Cloud is now available on Azure,” said Bill Fenick, Vice President Enterprise, Interxion. “Interxion is an Azure ExpressRoute partner with nine edge nodes co-located at our facilities across Europe. Our Azure customers can now connect their multi- and hybrid-cloud deployments to dynamically route messages anywhere across their distributed networks. Co-locating at Interxion enables enterprise customers to take full advantage of PubSub+ to build their event mesh. In particular, we offer proximity and connectivity to Azure across Europe. We look forward to working closely with Solace to further enable enterprise customers to accelerate their digital transformation and Azure adoption.”

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*Gartner defines event brokers as “middleware products that are used to facilitate, mediate and enrich the interactions of sources and handlers in event-driven computing,” and recommends advanced event brokers be used for “digital business innovation initiatives because of their specialized support for event processing, even if the previous-generation alternative pub-sub technology, such as MOMs or ESBs, is already used elsewhere in your organization.”



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