Will leverage the data movement technology to power real-time distribution of NOAA GOES-R satellite readings

Ottawa, Ontario, October 2, 2018 – Solace announced today that Carr Astronautics has selected Solace’s PubSub+ Cloud platform to power its delivery of real-time weather satellite data for their WxLiveStream product. Chosen for its high reliability, scalability and efficiency, the platform will ensure subscribers have consistent access to live streamed data from NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite.

Carr Astronautics is a science and technology firm working in the NASA, NOAA, and international space arenas, and their WxLiveStream product connects users to real-time satellite data, with an initial subscription offering for live cloud and moisture imagery. The company seeks to differentiate from the market by removing the common barriers to access represented by the cost of purchasing and maintaining an expensive satellite direct broadcast antenna and instead offering fast, reliable and accurate insight on demand. The company expects the product to gain wide acceptance with commercial, university, and governmental users.

“Carr Astronautics has built a reputation of delivering quality services to our customers and applying our scientific and engineering expertise to solve some of the industry’s most challenging problems,” said Dr. Jim Carr, president and CEO of Carr Astronautics Corporation. “Solace PubSub+ Cloud provides us with the fast, reliable, scalable, and flexible solution for our WxLiveStream, empowering us to offer the high reliability and low latency products our commercial and government weather data users expect.”

Solace’s PubSub+ is designed to establish event-driven interactions between applications and microservices across a variety of hybrid cloud environments, while supporting AMQP and other messaging protocols. The flexibility of the solution enables Carr Astronautics to easily adjust its live stream capabilities to meet the constantly changing needs of satellite users, especially as new data captures are identified.

“Tracking data from a geostationary weather satellite like the NOAA’s GOES-16 is complex and will continue to evolve in the coming years,” said Shawn McAllister, CTO of Solace. “As satellite capabilities change and, therefore, the subsequent data pulls shift, our PubSub+ offers the ability to pivot processes without losing existing or future insights. We are proud of our continued work with Carr Astronautics and look forward to continuing to help push the envelope for the GOES-R program.”


About Solace
Solace is the only unified advanced event broker that supports publish/subscribe, queueing, request/reply and streaming using open APIs and protocols across hybrid cloud and IoT environments. The company’s smart data movement technologies rapidly and reliably route information between applications, devices and people across clouds. Established enterprises such as SAP, Barclays and American Express as well as high-growth companies such as VoiceBase and Jio use Solace to modernize legacy applications and successfully pursue analytics, hybrid cloud and Internet of Things strategies. Learn more at https://solace.com.


About Carr Astronautics
Established in 1991, Carr Astronautics is a science and technology firm working in the NASA, NOAA, and international space arenas, with a particular emphasis on atmospheric remotes sensing. The firm has experience in real-time Science Processing Algorithms (SPA) development, Image Navigation and Registration (INR) systems, data processing and archiving. Learn more at http://www.carrastro.com/. For WxLiveStream product inquiries, contact subscriptions@wxlivestream.com. To order directly from the AWS Marketplace, visit bit.ly/wxlivestream.


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