Core TT Improves Supply Chain Logistics with Help from Solace

New Network Service Live with Initial Customers

Ottawa, Canada, April 3, 2007 – Core Transport Technologies (Core TT), a global logistics technology provider, today announced that its enhanced Core Logistics Coordinator network, based on Solace Systems’ content-aware network equipment, has been successfully deployed. Core Logistics Coordinator is being used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to synchronize and exchange critical logistics information with its global logistics suppliers in real time. 

The Core Logistics Coordinator allows global enterprises to improve the management of third- and fourth-party logistics suppliers to more effectively control available shipping resources, ensuring the speedy delivery of freight around the world, especially during peak periods. Last year, Core TT upgraded its logistics management solution with the integration of a hardware-based content routing component provided by Solace. 

Overlaying Core TT’s software onto Solace’s content-aware routers enables the system to track multiple third- and fourth-party logistics firms, such as terminal handlers, ground handlers, carriers (air and ground) and container providers, to coordinate the flow of information and track handover points. The technology alerts individual users about factors affecting their deliveries including weather, security issues and logistical problems all in real time. Front-line logistics workers subscribe to these critical data alerts specific to their role and use them to make more effective package routing decisions.

“Weather, mechanical delays, security concerns and other circumstances all affect the ability to meet service targets for moving mail from origin to destination, ” said Ian Craig, Director of Core TT. “The ability to dynamically manage and deliver this crucial information in real time is critical to maintaining contingency plans for all potential circumstances and make adjustments as events unfold. This enables quick, informed shipping decisions, keeping services efficient and effective.”

In today’s world where global companies must operate in high security or war-torn areas, snow and rain are no longer the only challenges in delivering packages through the supply chain.  Security concerns in some countries can require up-to-the minute coordination of transfers between cargo planes and delivery trucks that is only possible with Core TT’s alerting service.

The unique combination of Core TT software and Solace network infrastructure permits event-based information to be distributed based on the preferences set by individual users. This ability to provide customized alerts relevant to specific users ensures optimal deployment of resources under their management, and ensures logistics partners are meeting contractual requirements.

“Today’s supply chain is complex and those managing multiple third and fourth-party logistics suppliers require solutions that are flexible and scalable, ” said Peter Ashton, Vice President of Product Management, Solace Systems. “The combination of Solace’s router and Core TT’s service is the perfect solution for large organizations seeking greater control over the supply chain circumstances impacting their business.”