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Solace Product Update | February 2024

Watch our latest Product Update to see exciting new capabilities that make it easier to integrate your applications and manage the brokers that make up your event mesh.

CTO Shawn McAllister summarizes what we’ve been up to, then calls upon leaders from across our product team to demonstrate new capabilities including:

  • New lightweight connectors that complement your iPaaS when speed and throughput are most critical.
  • New tools within PubSub+ Event Portal that let you configure brokers in context of the event streams and information they’ll be routing, including full lifecycle management.
  • A new version of our element management protocol called Declarative SEMP that lets you use infrastructure as code, specifically Terraform, to efficiently deploy and manage event brokers.

Following these great feature demos, our Chief Architect and AI Officer Ed Funnekotter illustrates how you can use events to get more out of your investments in artificial intelligence!