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What’s New with Solace PubSub+ Platform

Event Streaming, Event Insights and Event Management

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about the significant enhancements to our product suite, and learn what’s coming down the pike!

Our Chief Technology & Product Officer, Shawn McAllister, introduces a slew of capabilities we’ve added to the PubSub+ Platform, and explains how they will help you to reap the rewards of event-driven architecture.

Need more reasons to watch?

  • Learn about the hot new capabilities, and see a live demo of how they will make it easier for you to stream, understand and manage your events.
  • Discover how TAB Bank is using these new features to accelerate their digital transformation, and see ways these tools can help you meet your own goals with rapid ROI.
  • Listen to the informative Q&A session that may answer some of your own burning questions

Watch the webcast now and see for yourself how these enhancements can directly impact your business and help you meet your own goals with rapid ROI.