Digital transformation demands an enterprise-wide event movement strategy

Modern enterprises are turning toward if not fully embracing event-driven architectures and thinking. But many are doing so for select use cases only, without a clear vision for enterprise-wide event distribution. That’s something that should be keeping digital transformation leaders up at night.

  • How will you move events in real-time across your increasingly distributed enterprise?
  • How will you achieve uniform connectivity and response times across a variety of applications, ‘things’, clouds and on premises environments?
  • How will you enable easy scalability? Make the data movement robust and secure?

118 billion messages a day. That’s over 1.3 million messages a second. 24 hours a day. That’s huge volume, and we do all that completely seamlessly without any data loss.”

Used by 6 of the 10 world’s biggest investment banks and 3 of the top 6 FX trading banks, Solace PubSub+ meets the diverse data movement needs of banks, capital markets participants, and exchanges.
Joshua Carroll, RBC

Joshua Carroll

Managing Director, Head of Architecture, RBC Capital Markets

What is an event mesh?

An event mesh is an architecture layer that allows events from one application to be dynamically routed and received by any other application no matter where these applications are deployed (no cloud, private cloud, public cloud). This layer is composed by a network of Event Brokers. Event brokers are a modern form of messaging middleware, which are designed to move events across the distributed enterprise.

Global FX has been the “unnamed event mesh for years”. FX Prices are published to the mesh in NY, and consumed in London in no time, and orders placed – again injected back into the event. Each event is tagged with its URL or Topic, and gets routed to the applications who can consume and act on it.

Sumeet Puri - Chief Technology Solutions Officer

Sumeet Puri

SVP, Global Head of Systems Engineering, Solace

The technical value of an event mesh

An event mesh gives enterprises the ability to support event driven architectures from the smallest of microservices deployments, to extending applications to hybrid cloud in a governed, performant, robust, secure, well architected manner. It provides the ability to integrate legacy applications, data stores, modern microservices, SaaS, Iot and mobile devices dynamically and all in real-time. An event mesh gives application developers and architects a foundation on which to build and deploy distributed event-driven applications where ever they need to be built and deployed.

The business value of an event mesh

An event mesh built with Solace PubSub+ event brokers:

Provides data as a service

Event mesh makes all data that touches the mesh available on demand in a secure, reliable manner

Brings IT and OT data together

IT is legacy integration. OT is the sensing of devices. Event mesh is the glue that ties old technology with the new.

Enables superior customer experience

Real-time data delivery means no waiting. Spikes in demand are handled easily so end users/systems don’t crash.

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How does Solace enable an event mesh?

Solace enables an event mesh with PubSub+, our advanced event brokers. You create an event mesh with Solace by deploying PubSub+ in any/all your environments (public/private clouds, on premises), and then connecting them, at which point all applications, microservices, cloud services, SaaS, iPaaS and legacy systems connected to an event broker in the mesh will be instantly and continuously connected with one another.

Event Mesh

What makes a Solace-enabled event mesh unique?


An event mesh built with our brokers is self-routing, self-learning and self-healing, enabling the automated and efficient transmission of events between producer and consumer applications, wherever they run. Dynamic Message Routing creates an “internet of events” that automatically routes events between applications and devices connected to separate event brokers, which can live in different cloud and on-premises environments. It saves operators the considerable time and effort it would take to identify and manually configure connections between producer and consumer applications running in different environments.


An event mesh built with Solace provides native support for multiple open protocols and APIs, providing unparalleled flexibility to develop modern, cloud native applications. Simple. PubSub+ provides native support for popular open standard protocols and APIs, including REST/HTTP, AMQP 1.0, MQTT, Websocket and JMS, so developers don’t have to worry about how their app or microservice will communicate with other apps using different protocols/APIs.


PubSub+ makes deploying, managing and monitoring PubSub+ event brokers easy. Users can deploy a hybrid and multi-cloud Solace event mesh with a click of their mouse, and manage centrally in the cloud.

The Great EDA Migration

A key priority for optimizing business

Core features and functionality

Enterprise grade performance and functionality
Low latency, high availability, fault tolerance, governance, security, scalability, WAN optimization, burst handling, filtering, replay

IoT, multi-public clouds, private clouds, legacy systems, iPaaS, PaaS

Dynamic message routing
DMR (smart routing) for both persistent and non-persistent messages; horizontal scaling of Solace PubSub+ event brokers through clustering.

Rich Integration
Bridges to various legacy applications, messaging systems, databases, as well as connectivity with cloud native services

Support for open standard protocols and APIs
AMQP 1.0, MQTT, REST/HTTP, JMS, Websocket

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