Customers with support contracts can contact support via email, ticketing system or telephone, depending on the severity and urgency of their situation.

  • Telephone (Current production-impacting issues only)
    USA/Canada: 1-866-Solace1 (866-765-2231)
    International: +1-613-270-8404
  • Email (Severity 2, 3, 4 issues and enhancements)
  • Ticketing System (login required)
  • Solace sends out email notifications of new product versions, technical issue advisories and product lifecycle updates. Existing customers can contact Solace at to receive these announcements.

Solace Support Policy

Solace’s support policies and procedues are described in this Solace Support Services document.

Helpful Resources

Our Developer Portal features lots of resources that can help you learn how to use Solace technology and overcome common challenges, including: