Crashing your Connected Car (Demo) Can Be a Good Thing

In recent years, Solace has established itself as a leading technology supplier to the connected vehicle market. Our customers include leading car makers, auto parts manufacturers, rail companies and air traffic agencies like the FAA.

While these all make great case studies, nothing beats a live demo. Especially if it ends in a car crash. Who can look away from a car crash?

With that in mind a colleague and I recently put together a demo that simulates simple, visceral examples of how our customers use Solace technology in connected vehicle use cases, including an actual (toy) car crash.

If you’re interested, watch this 90 second video, then read below for a blow-by-blow of what you’ve just seen, what’s going on behind the scenes, and how it applies to real world connected vehicle projects.

Seriously, go ahead. I’ll wait!

OK, let’s talk about what you just saw…


First, I’ll summarize the major components of the demo:

  • Connected cars: The remote control car with the phone strapped to its roof represents a car with embedded sensors and 4G connectivity.
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