Driving Your VMR Data Home with Enhanced Docker Container Logging

In the 8.7.0 release of the Solace VMR, we added several improvements to the VMR Docker containers’ standard logging functionality. They provide the ability to customize the content, format, and delivery method of event data from the SolOS application to better integrate with the native log aggregation facilities in your PaaS.

Some examples of this data include:

  • The network health of individual client connections, including slow consumer detection.
  • Alerts on queuing thresholds.
  • Alerts when data rates exceed expectations.
  • Alerts when other threshold and boundary conditions are breached and recovered.

Support for Docker Native Logging Facilities

You can configure the VMR Docker container to direct logging facilities to stdout using configuration keys.  This allows the output from the container to be tied into the back-ends that the Docker logging drivers enable.

Solace VMR Docker containers now support the following logging drivers:

  • json-file
  • journald
  • syslog
  • fluentd
  • splunk
  • gelf
  • awslogs

Normalized Logging Output

We’ve normalized the logging formats to make them more easily consumed by various logging applications.… Read the rest

Introducing VMR Support in Kubernetes Container Environments

Kubernetes has recently emerged as the clear leader in the container services space, as evidenced by announcements from all the major public cloud service providers and technology vendors such as Pivotal and Mesos. Enterprises are increasingly looking to leverage all the advantages that an orchestration layer for containers brings, and are rapidly adopting Kubernetes as their platform of choice.


We’re committed to making our world class Virtual Message Router (VMR) easily deployable in any environment, have had OpenShift support for some time, and just added Kubernetes to our already extensive list of supported environments.

Whether you’re using a managed Kubernetes container service from one of the major cloud providers or not, you can leverage the benefits of Kubernetes containerization in your Public or Private environments, and now quickly deploy VMRs in these environments for all your messaging middleware needs.… Read the rest