Solace Java Meet Spring Boot Starters

In this blog post, I will look at the Solace Java Spring Boot project which provides a Spring Boot Starter for the Solace Java API with support for Spring auto-configuration. This is a follow up blog post to my first post on the topic of Spring Boot Starters which discussed JMS.

To recap, as part of Solace Labs, we’ve shared two projects to help other Solace users easily use Solace Messaging as the foundation for their Spring Boot microservices and applications:

Following the Solace Labs model, both projects are open source and we welcome contributions, suggestions and ideas from the community. We’ll keep updating these projects as we use them more ourselves, but already they are making our applications simpler. In this blog post, I’ll focus on the Solace Java Spring Boot Starter.

Using the Solace Java API with Spring Boot

The Solace Java Spring Boot Starter and Auto-Configuration is very similar to the Solace JMS project in how it functions.… Read the rest