Driving Your VMR Data Home with Enhanced Docker Container Logging

Editor’s note: We’ve renamed our product suite. The VMR is now referred to as Solace PubSub+. See our products page for more information.


In the 8.7.0 release of the Solace VMR, we added several improvements to the VMR Docker containers’ standard logging functionality. They provide the ability to customize the content, format, and delivery method of event data from the SolOS application to better integrate with the native log aggregation facilities in your PaaS.

Some examples of this data include:

  • The network health of individual client connections, including slow consumer detection.
  • Alerts on queuing thresholds.
  • Alerts when data rates exceed expectations.
  • Alerts when other threshold and boundary conditions are breached and recovered.

Support for Docker Native Logging Facilities

You can configure the VMR Docker container to direct logging facilities to stdout using configuration keys.  This allows the output from the container to be tied into the back-ends that the Docker logging drivers enable.… Read the rest

Effective Logging in Applications that Use Solace Messaging (part 2)

In an earlier post, I provided an overview of logging in applications using Solace messaging, different types of logging facilities available in Solace as well some recommended events to log in your application.

To recap, Solace provides implicit logging facilities in terms of API logging and Solace message router logging. As an application developer, you should equip your code to handle and log the following:

  • Asynchronous Events
  • Solace Exceptions

In this post, I will cover those in more detail along with code snippets to handle them. I will use JMS and Java APIs  for illustration. These are, however, not complete class definitions. Please refer to the sample code bundled with the Solace API package for working samples.

Some of the code snippets and sample events discussed here may require a deeper understanding of Solace concepts. I will cover some basic Solace concepts as the discussion topic requires. You can learn more about the core concepts and features of Solace technology on the Technology page.… Read the rest

Effective Logging in Applications that Use Solace Messaging (part 1)

application-logging-screenshotLogging is an important element of the application development process, but not always given the attention it deserves. As a developer, there are various types of logs that you will need to handle in the application such as: logs related to business events, operational conditions, user interaction, exceptions, debug logs, etc. In this blog post I will discuss logging related to Solace messaging and how to handle them effectively in your application.

I will present a general overview of application logging in the context of Solace messaging first, followed by other implicit and external logging facilities available in Solace. I will follow this up with another post with code snippets and config files to handle logging in the application.

This post assumes working familiarity with basic messaging concepts and Solace features. You are encouraged to visit the Solace Developer portal  to familiarize yourself with Solace concepts.

To log or not to log, that is the question!

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