Using sentiment analysis and machine learning

Comparing Machine Learning through BBC News Analysis

Leveraging machine learning (or artificial intelligence) capabilities for your application is easier than it ever has been. The major cloud computing providers offer these capabilities in an easy to consume manner, so you can start building applications quickly.

However, did you know the actual results across the providers can vary greatly?

I decided to build a demo application that uses two machine learning capabilities to analyze BBC News articles and compare results across the big three cloud providers: Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and Google’s Cloud Platform.

You can try the application yourself here.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), although often the terms are used interchangeably. It describes the ability of computers to “learn” how to perform an action, without being explicitly told how to do it, as would have been the case for computers in the past.… Read the rest

How Quants are Winning the Battle for Alpha using AI and Smarter Infrastructure

Our recent webinar on July 11th introduced attendees to how machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are changing the nature of financial technology, known these days as fintech. Our speakers, Terry Roche of Tabb Group and Keith McAuliffe of Solace dove into the impact these technologies are having on modern capital markets.

Together, Terry and Keith explained how AI has evolved from a backroom experiment to being a key part of significant “run the bank” programs like trade surveillance and sentiment analysis. Today the focus is on cost savings and compliance, but things are clearly moving towards revenue generation.

One of the drivers of this new world of AI and ML in finance is the massive onslaught of data, both in volume and variety of both sources and consumers. Clearly, the future of finance is being driven by the need to expand data reach and ability to accept data in ever changing ways.… Read the rest