Solace APIs Now Available via Maven Central

I’m happy to announce that as of today, the Solace JMS API and Solace Java API are available directly through Maven Central. So if you use a central repository for java build dependency management, you won’t need to manually retrieve the .jar files from our FTP site and add them to your project. You’ll find everything you need here.

If you aren’t using Maven Central and prefer to download the .jar files from our FTP site or developer portal as you have always done, don’t worry, that option still exists.

OSGi Bundles Too!

For Java programmers who are using the OSGi framework, we have news for you too. Our  JMS and Java .jar files are now OSGi bundles, containing all the necessary meta-data you need to use our APIs in those frameworks. This change in the .jar format is fully backwards compatible, so if you aren’t an OSGi user, the enhancement will be completely transparent to you.… Read the rest