NMS API + AMQP: The Benefits of Open Source and Open Wireline Protocols

In 2001, the first Java Message Service (JMS) specification revolutionized the message oriented middleware space by offering a standard API for the sending and receiving of messages, thus freeing application developers and architects from being locked into vendor specific APIs. More recently,  the Apache community created the .NET Message Service API (NMS) which offers a vendor agnostic .NET interface to a variety of messaging systems. The NMS API gives the flexibility to write .NET applications in C#, VB or any other .NET language, all while using a single API to connect to any number of messaging providers.

While these API’s have helped to reduce the code changes required when switching messaging implementations, they’re only a first step to achieving independence and freedom from all lock-in. Because NMS simply provides a set of .NET interfaces, it is up to each vendor or open source project’s community to match the interface to their wireline protocol (which is frequently non-standard) and the message broker it connects to.… Read the rest