How to Maximize Microservices by Combining Messaging, REST and Webhooks

One of the real pleasures of my job is working with customers to understand their use cases, design decisions and architecture. Recently I’ve been having a lot of conversations about how to maximize microservices so that they communicate with each other – it’s a fascinating process that usually starts with REST and goes down some interesting roads when real-world requirements and constraints come into play.

For example, one of my customers was leveraging a microservices architecture to implement persistent request-response style interactions from their customer-facing user interface (UI) into their CRM/ERP system and database layer. It sounds simple: a typical enterprise integration pattern for intra-process communications, but, of course, these things never are.

In this case their UI used REST, the CRM/ERP system relied on a PHP module to interface with the outside world using a Webhook-style integration, and between them sat a validation and enrichment module that had been written in Node.js.… Read the rest