Digital transformation requires a new way to do business

Enabling new cloud-native technologies, modern microservices, the IoT and mobile devices can be challenging. Integrating them with legacy apps and infrastructure even more so.

And getting all these different apps and devices to interact in an event-driven architecture, reliably, securely, and in real-time? Does ‘daunting’ even describe that?

But that’s exactly what your enterprise must enable if it wants to be responsive to internal stakeholders and to customers, today and in the future.

Digital transformation requires a shift to event-driven architectures and thinking, and for large enterprises with large legacy estates, a modernization of messaging infrastructure.

Solace PubSub+ is an advanced event broker designed for the event-driven, hybrid cloud architectures of the modern enterprise.

Hybrid cloud is an end-state; enterprises need to be thinking beyond transition.

How will they maintain, adjust and grow their hybrid cloud infrastructure for the event-driven future?

Shawn Mcallister

Shawn McAllister

CTO Solace

Hybrid Cloud Messaging

Solace PubSub+ works with the runtime environments, app servers, and enterprise service buses that make up your infrastructure today, so you can link existing assets to the cloud, and easily migrate them if you decide to do so.

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You can also use your favorite tools to accelerate and automate the development, testing and production deployment of PubSub+ into hybrid cloud systems. We upload our APIs into language-specific repositories and package managers like Maven Central, NuGet and NPM, and PubSub+ works with Ansible, Bosh, Chef and Puppet so you can easily provision servers that include PubSub+ event brokers.

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Hybrid Cloud with any cloud

PubSub+ lets you pick the clouds that are right for you while enabling the flexibility to change your strategy as technologies and markets develop.

We’ve partnered with providers of leading IaaS and PaaS technologies, along with the major public cloud providers, so you can seamlessly connect applications running in a diverse set of private clouds, public clouds and on-premises.

PubSub+ is itself available as a cloud service: PubSub+ Cloud

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The three key areas of digital transformation

Watch our COO Denis King discuss digital transformation with Alastair Greener of The Telegraph:

The three key areas of digital transformation

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